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2006 specialization from
Legal Cases

Bulgarian and Greek language services

Certified language services  – Official Translation to Bulgarian, Greek and English by a Lawyer AUTh, official partner of the Bulgarian Consulate

Bulgarian and Greek translations

documents, degrees, certificates, texts, statutes, records, websites, etc. from and to Greek and Bulgarian language for use in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and other countries

Validation - Official Bulgarian Greek English Translation

Validation of Certified Translator Lawyer, Validation of Lawyer Association, Validation of Bulgarian Consulate, Apostille


Greek and Bulgarian language (conferences, business meetings, court interpretation)

Studies in Bulgarian Universities

Preparation and enrollment procedures Bulgarian Universities (for English and Bulgarian programs) for :

Medical Schools, Polytechnic Schools, Economics Schools, Pedagogical Schools, Fine Arts Studies, Sports Studies at undergraduate, postgraduate and Doctoral level.


Undergraduate studies in Bulgaria

Study Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Dentistry in Bulgaria


Preparation and Support

(Medical Studies, polytechnic schools, etc.)


Postgraduate Studies in Bulgaria

(master's degree in special education, etc.)


Doctoral studies

(PhD in special education etc.)

Ms. Touli is specialized in Bulgarian Education Law (Master’s degree in Administrative Law – Bulgarian Education Law) and with participation and experience in all relevant procedures since 2006: help, preparation of applicants’ dossiers, registrations, transcripts, study holidays, study programs and awards graduate professional rights combined with her status as an official translator and associate of the Bulgarian consulate, provides legally accredited services without intermediaries and without surprises.

Legal Consulting

Full Legal Advisory support representation and processing of procedures for individuals and companies in cases between Greece and Bulgaria concerning:

Government, agencies and services of Greece and Bulgaria

Issuance of certificates, validation documents, processing of procedures in Ministries, Municipalities, Regions, Registries, tax offices, banks, etc.

Real estate

Land registry, contracts & transfers, real estate etc.


Inheritances, adoptions, divorces, etc.


Review and drafting of articles of association, acquisitions, contracts, representation of companies to public authorities, etc.


Hotel contracts, representation in meetings, claims of customers and professionals in the sector.

The “Touli Chara & partners Law Firm” has been a Center for language support (official translations), preparation and handling of registration procedures at Bulgarian universities and legal advisory support for cases of individuals and companies both in Greece and in Bulgaria since 2006.

Ms. Touli’s many years of dealing with cases between Bulgaria and Greece allowed her to create a network of colleagues from professors, economists, accountants, tax experts, engineers, real estate consultants, lawyers, etc. who assist directly and effectively under the supervision of Ms. Touli in the successful outcome of your case.

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